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Swing Connects is a dance platform to spark connection between newcomers, refugees, asylum seekers, people who just arrived, who live in Park Maximilian or in the refugee camps with established community members, through dance and music in a safe space. Swing is the dance of freedom, a dance that brings people together, the manifestation of happy feet and an outward expression of inner joy.

Swing dances are street dances created by Afro-American community in Harlem back in ‘20s in a time of segregation. Dances that did not care about what colour one is, black, yellow, green or purple, because their mission was having tolerance, mutual respect and affection between people beyond labels. We believe in those values and keep them alive.


We believe dance breaks barriers, builds trust
and empowers people across cultures.

Our Mission

To empower people from different social contexts; to build up trust and break down barriers between refugees, newcomers and locals.

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Our Mission
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Our Vision

To have a more connected, peaceful society which embraces our collective diversity in order to sustain positive change towards happier communities.

We Need Your Support Today!

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