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Brussels 1050

Our Story

Swing connects is a project that works to bring people together. It believes in people and it builds up a community beyond the labels, beyond the colors, through the magic of dance and food. We believe that each individual has more than one identity, “refugee” or “migrant”, being just temporary labels. One can be identified as a teacher, a doctor, an artist, a son or a mother, and can belong to a group that speaks a certain language, but anyone has the right to Dance - as a universal language, as a tool to connect people, to find new friends, to find support, to reach a second family. We create safe spaces where individuals come to learn to dance, share food together and spend magic moments.

It is our dream to make dance accessible to everyone for free in order to use it to interconnect humans. We believe that food is not only meal, and that sharing food with others is a fundamental way to come together. This is why we combine the two. Dancing and food to reach an exponential potential/power.

In each of us there is a desire to feel that we are contributing for something outside of ourselves and that we are making a difference. If you want to be part of the positive change in the world that we are making it happen, we ask you to take action.