Support our mission by hiring Swing Connects artists for dance and music performances. All the profits will go to support the community, to keep the events alive, to sparkle connections between people.

Help us spread hope and change lives. Your support allows  us to continue our activities and establish new ones: to make tours in refugees camps, to create a direct meaningful impact on the lives of refugees and asylum seekers, to break barriers and build trust.

Your support can make a difference.

Dancing is an outward expression of an inner joy.


Emmanuella nicknamed Amy is an amazing Nigerian dancer who sparks energy and joy with her awesome original dance steps.

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Aless nicknamed Nyeleti is a Romanian dancer, her energy is endless and her joy is contagious. She will make you loose, will inspire you and she will give you a sense of inner joy.


Ulrich is a gorgeous dancer from Benghi, Central Afrique, who takes you in a journey with his inspiring moves, full of energy, passion and harmony.

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Mee On

Mee On is a Belgian dancer originally from Korea. She has an experience in Argentinian tango, for more than 10 years. She discovered swing several years ago. It was love at first sight: the joy and the energy of the swing catch her.

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Swing Connects

Dance connects people across cultures, breaks barriers and builds trust


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Location: Brussels, Belgium

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