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Swing in time of corona

I meet this beautiful lady, Emmanuella, just before corona kicked in. It was love at first sight due to our common passion to dance and sports.

Emmanuella has 20 years old and is originally from Nigeria. What brings us together is our common values: dance, music, sport, joy, gratefulness, happiness.

I really like you Aless. You are enjoying life, no matter what life brings you. You are always happy, ready to dance, to move your body, to make people smile.

It is Emmanuella who inspired me in our next Swing Connects sub-project: artists performing. A new way to support Swing Connects mission is by hiring the artists, who come from different backgrounds.

Nigerian Dances

Do you want to sparkle your event with some African vibes, Nigerian dances?. Or you want to create a team building session with an initiation into African roots ? (#africandance #nigeriandance #afrohouse #swingconnects).

Drop us a line and we will contact you!

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