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We provide an unconventional weekly swing dance class which  is designed to break barriers, build trust, foster new friendships between locals and newcomers using dance and food. The program has 3 parts: the welcoming, the dance class and exchange and the dinner.




Animating a Refugees Camp, with a Swing Dance initiation, where a part of animators are newcomers who succeed to settle up, followed by an exchange of Traditional Folkloric Dance, and by a meal shared together, increase hope and builds trust.


A swing party with a group of musicians, once per month, in order to encourage inclusion, integration and healing. This is a social dance, which starts with an initiation of different swing dances, followed by 2 hours of social dance and auberge espagnole.




Women dance classes for newcomers and locals, to foster inclusion. Just arriving in Belgium, the women are less keen to participate to the diverse weekly classes. And we love them too, this is why we developed a women program.


Swing dance history is very important, this is why, we organize Movie events and Conferences, in order to teach the values of swing: mutual respect, tolerance and fun. It is the perfect way to include people who are too shy to dance, but want to know more about the history of jazz.




People love music, and love to dance, and newcomers even more. It is what kept them alive and healthy, while they struggled for a better life. And they love to share, this is why we organize classes of Folklor Traditional dances, as Dabke, Horro and other African dances.