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Swing Connects launched in 2019 December with the help of Singa Belgium and the support of local swing teachers: Nick, Baraka and Earanee. Later on, more volunteers, photographers, cooks, dancers, entertainers, business owners, live music bands gathered together to help Swing connects mission.

We all believe in the same cause and we spread the word and inspire other people to make part of our Swing connects community.

Dancing is an outward expression of an inner joy.

Mee On

Mee On is a Belgian dancer originally from Korea. She has an experience in Argentinian tango, for more than 10 years. She discovered swing several years ago. It was love at first sight: the joy and the energy of the swing catch her.

Our Mission
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Earanee is a swing dance instructor and DJ, and host of the podcast Women in Jazz. Born in Adelaide, Australia, Earanee grew up with a love for jazz music, and it was this love which lead her to Lindy Hop in 2010. Earanee soon began following her love of swing dance around the globe, leaving Adelaide to dance her way around Australia, the US and Europe, before settling in Brussels in 2018.


Learning Lindy Hop should be fun and has not a lot to do with multitude of complicated steps. Do what you feel, be dynamic and keep that flow. Unorthodox and theatrical… what did you expect?
Nick is part of the Brussels performance group Jazz Maniacs.



Brieuc is a swing dance instructor. You can easily spot him on the dance floor due to his energy, authenticity and joyful dances.

He in one of the Brussels promoters of Lindy Hop values: connection, respect and playfulness.


Seb is one of Swing Connects biggest supporters, not just for teaching the classes, but also for organising and promoting the project for local sponsors.


Swing is the dance of happy feet.



Ahmad Alsaadi Photographer & director & filmmaker
One who speaks to the heart, from the heart and who is always there to support our mission


Photograph and video maker, who has his eyes glued to his heart and captures the magic of every moment.

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